Param Singh to play lead role in ‘Ishk Par Zor Nahi’

Mumbai, March 3 : Television actor Param Singh will soon be seen in the show Ishk Par Zor Nahi. The actor will play the lead character Ahaan Malhotra. Param says Ahaan has a lot of layers and is not at all similar to him.

"Ahaan is a complex guy.

He couldn't be more different from me. He represents everything that I am not. However, that's where the role of an actor comes in. I had to make sure that the audience understands where Ahaan is coming from, to justify his actions and emotions.

And this makes the role even more challenging. Having said that, I am excited about my role and the new show and I am really happy about the feedback received on the promo of the show," says Param.

Ahaan Malhotra is a perfectionist and maintains a traditionalist outlook towards life.

He is a successful businessman and is fiercely protective of his siblings Sonu and Kartik.

The actor adds that the show is a lot more than just a love story.

"I believe that today television is not only about entertainment but also, providing value to the viewers.

They should have something to take away from the show. While our show is predominantly a love story, but it'll also highlight the importance of having a solid support system in a family, how we should keep evolving our thoughts and ideologies, how we should not take things at their face value and realise that everybody is fighting a battle, we know nothing about," he says.

Param has been part of shows such as Haiwaan, Mariam Khan: Reporting Live, and Sadda Haq: My Life, My Choice.



Source: IANS