Parents are the true genetic engineers

By Dr Padmapriya Anup Nair New Delhi [India], Mar. 21 : 'An infant in the mother's womb is as much in the hands and under the will of the mother, as clay in the hands of the potter, who from it makes whatever pleases him', says physician Paracelsus.

Did the famous physician's quote make us believe that the mother can make her baby the way she desires? It is believed that a mother does a divine job in carving a child's personality during the vital developmental period in her womb.

We always believed that our personality is attributed by the genes inherited from our parents and from the upbringing environment.

Scientists have explored this distinction now. The fine tuning of the gene expression is influenced by the mother's thoughts and her perception of the environment during the crucial days of pregnancy.

Women are juggling multiple roles in today's high-tech and secular world. Many tend to overlook or neglect the whole of childbearing phase from contemplating conception, the act of procreation to each trimester, to childbirth itself.

Modern world demands more attention to the awe and wonder of childbearing act. Do the modern parents-to-be realise that both can choose to take creative responsibility for the conscious healthy designing of their future child.

Until now, all believed that the initial few years, after birth, are the paramount learning phase. The parents invest in the best toys and books for the initial few years after birth. Researchers have reoriented this ideology now. Prenatal psychologists have collected clinical data that indicate babies are conscious in the womb and are psychologically impacted by maternal thoughts and harmful circumstances.

The foetus grows to be very aware of all happenings around, starts to learn by reacting emotionally, ready to hear, experience the taste and the feelings by six months of intrauterine life.

The atmosphere around the pregnant lady influences her emotions tremendously. Her thoughts, her beliefs, her actions, her perceptions, her attitude towards the life around influence her cells via the neurotransmitters.

These maternal cells carry all the information of the world around her and are passed through the placenta along with the nutrients.

These cells influence the genetic constitution of the unborn inside her. The formation of neural pathways inside the brain of the foetus depends on the chemical signals received from the mother's cells.

Thus, the foetus being aware is reading and absorbing the happenings outside the belly world all the time.

This information is entering the subconscious mind of the unborn child. The subconscious mind is registering all information and replays it when needed after birth. As the foetus develops, its subconscious mind stores information to prepare it for its mother's environment.

If a woman during pregnancy perceives her environment as very threatening, she is thus actually training the foetal genes to perceive the external environment (outside world) as threatful by regularly transferring the stress hormones via placenta.

The mother to-be needs to acknowledge these efforts of the scientist now. She must understand that her mental state is perceived by the baby and her constant positive, negative thoughts and perceptions do percolate into the unborn baby's psyche.

The emotional and physical shaping of her baby is based on her thoughts and feelings. It also contributes to the development of susceptibility of the child to various diseases all through childhood.

Nature puts instincts into the genes, but all other fundamental behaviours come from the mothers. Hence, work consciously to modify the genetic makeup of your baby. Design the core of your baby before birth as you desire. [The views expressed in the above article are personal].

Source: ANI