Party accessories to instantly glam up your look

New Delhi, Sep 26 : Men have always been very confused about the accessories options for them. However experts suggest accessories can just bring the right whiff of freshness to their boring and dull outfits.

Sunil Mehra, founder and designer at House of Sunil Mehra and Natasha Tate, In-house stylist at LimeRoad tells us about the small offerings that can do wonder to your looks.

* Collar pins: Collar pins holds the two ends of the collar together.

It is tucked underneath the tie knot that helps keep collar in place and lifts the tie knot firmly giving it a sleek and sharp look.

There are many varied types of collar accessories like collar pins, collar bar or barbell and collar tab each adding flair to a buttoned-up look.

* Patches: They are the most trendy.

Due to its versatile nature, patches can be pinned in and used differently multiple times. Patches tells a lot about your persona, they can be stylish and elegant to rebellious and bold. Put it on your jeans, jackets, collars, hand sleeves, scarves, bags and what not.

* Lapel pins: Lapel pins are generally associated with formal gatherings, worn at the lapel of your blazer on left hand side of your heart.

The modern age men have been quite experimental and carry off various shaped lapel pins to add some artistry in the mundane black tux.

* Brooches: Men's brooches, a well-known ornament from the Roman Empire to the present newest trends proved out to be an admirable jewel.

This oldest jewellery has evolved from the fibula to rosette designs then to oriental taste and the chain keep on emerging till the date now, granting a new flavour of style and flair to the world.

Chain brooches can be worn with traditional attire or Indo-western costumes adding sparkle to your look instantly.

Choose from floral, stone or any quirky shaped brooches according to your personal flair.

* Cufflinks: There are a number of designs and textures available that can bring instant fun to the look.

Where cufflinks with Aztec design work best to formal attires, those imprinted in different motifs like skull, bear, bottles etc can be worn to keep it funky and hippie.

* Bracelet: Relaxed, laid back and playful, bracelets are the breed of jewellery that every man can wear without feeling overdone or out of place.

Be it casual or dressy occasions, different bracelets can lend distinction - allowing you to stand out in the simplest of ways.

From beaded wrist wear to steel versions, men's bracelets are cool and trendy.



Source: IANS