Patriotic fervor engulfs ‘Bharat Parv’ at India Gate

By Paras Bisht New Delhi, Aug. 18 : As patriotic mood engulfed the entire nation on the occasion of 70th Independence Day, scores of artists visited the India Gate in New Delhi to be a part of the 'Bharat Parv Mahotsav'.

The country's unity-in-diversity was at its best during the week-long extravaganza. The grandeur of the vibrant 'Bharat Parv' swept across the mighty Rajpath Lanes. A week-long festival on the eve of Independence Day drew lakhs of people to witness the cuisine, clothes and handicrafts and cultural programmes presented by local artistes from across the country.

An artist from Rajasthan said, "We are feeling very good after performing here. People got to know about our Rajasthani culture. We felt very good." "No matter whichever place we belong to, but whenever we see the tricolor we feel a unique energy.

Every Indian should feel this unique energy. This is my only message," added a visitor from Sikkim. The festival -replete with state-specific, colorful stalls of handicrafts and clothes from every state of the country -thrilled the visitors.

The week-long 'Bharat Parv' was organized by the Government of India to generate the feeling of patriotism and promote rich cultural diversity of the country.

Information and Broadcasting Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said the 'Bharat Parv' has been organized to motivate people to rekindle the feeling of patriotism among the younger generation.

"Also to showcase the teachings of great people and icons, who fought for the freedom of the country. I congratulate the various ministries for organizing such a festival," he added. S. Khetri, one of the participants, said such events should be organized on a regular basis. "We have come from J (and) K and chef has been flown to this place. Delicious Kashmiri Wazwan food has been displayed," he added. Pragya Bhandari, a participant from Rajasthan, said that she witnessed many interesting things during the mega event at the Rajpath.

For the visitors, it was a fun-filled day out where they shopped and tried different state cuisines. A visitor from Chennai said, "I have come here with my friends to Delhi and this is my first visit to the national capital.

I have seen many different pavilions of the states from around the country. I am proud to be an Indian and I have seen many dance performances of different cultures. It is a very proud feeling". The mega 'Bharat Parv' mahotsav clearly defined how to preserve the rich cultural heritage of our ancestors.

It also spread the message of peace and brotherhood among the people. Farid Khan, an artist from Rajasthan, said: "I am dressed as Lord Shiva. I have come here to give blessings. People prayed and my consort Goddess Parvati asked me to visit the national capital Delhi where Bharat Parv is being celebrated.

I want to spread the message of brotherhood on the eve of Independence Day Celebrations. Many people ask me how I can play the role of Lord Shiva when I practice some other religion; I tell them not to mix religion with art.

I should be recognised by my talent and not religion. I want to tell my fellow countrymen that there should not be a feeling of discontent among each other and we should pray for a new beginning of our country." The congregation of the people from around the country with different cultures, faiths and traditions only reinforces our faith in the healthy spirit of our country and countrymen.

Source: ANI