Pemba Sherpa missing in the mountains, daughter waits for return

Kolkata, July : Multiple mount Everest sumitter Pemba Sherpa has missing while returning from Saser Kangri peak, his family said on Saturday.

"My father went for the Himalayan summit on June.19.

Last time when he spoke to us he said that he is returning and I wish that he is found as early as possible," said his daughter, urging the the state government to extend support so that the seasoned mountaineer culd be found.

Pemba successfully summited the peak Saser Kangri IV with a team of climbers from West Bengal and Pune.

The team was led by Basanta Singha Roy from West Bengal.

Unfortunately while descending, Pemba fell into a crevasse while the team was heading back to their camp.

"We suddenly received a call yesterday (Friday) to inform that Pemba Sherpa is missing and the rescue operation is going on.

I want the Government of West Bengal to help us," said another relative of the mountaineer.



Source: IANS