Pick perfect pair of jeans for your man

New Delhi, May 29 : The raw, the stoned or the blue jeans. Men surely have a favourite pair of jeans that they swear by. Want to buy him a trendy pair but have no clue where to start? Here's how you can shop for that perfect pair of jeans.

Abhishek Yadav, Design Head Spykar lifestyle, has a few tips:

The right fit:

* Skinny fit: Skinny fit has made quite a statement this year in the denim world, with its fitted legs and tapered ankle that elongates the silhouette.

* Slim fit: Slim fit is the most popular jeans fit world over. It offers a smart and sleek silhouette, and comes with stretch for added comfort. A fit most suited for the athletic and medium body type, they are available in a range of washes and can be styled with almost anything.

* Tapered fit: Located somewhere in between, the tapered fit is more flattering than the skinny fit, and more sculpted than the straight fit.

It stream lines the calves and ankles, and is perfect for turning up and pin rolling the hems. This fit suits almost any body type. It is recommended that he goes for a classic look by pairing these jeans with a simple, casual button down shirt and loafers.

* Straight fit: Cut straight from hips down the legs with little tapering, the straight fit is a denim classic.

With a slight bagginess that suits a heavier body type, this fit works best with raw denim. Best paired with a simple T-shirt, old school sneakers and if your guy is more experimental, denim jacket for a 1950s vibe.

* Jogger fit: With ribbed cuff and waistband, the fit exudes a laid back vibe and can be worn with a simple tee, hoodie and sneakers.

The right wash:

* Stone wash: Stone wash gives the denim a faded, lived in appearance.

* Vintage wash: This rustic and rugged wash dates the denim and gives it an old school vibe.

* Ice wash: This light washed out denim is a summer classic.

Stylist Isha Bhansali has some more styling tips:

* Skinny jeans: These are the toughest ones to style men with.

A man should have well balanced muscular legs to pull off skinnies. Neither very skinny legs nor very muscular with a heavily built up derriere. They work better with slightly loose tees or a tailored shirt and a blazer. Never go tight from top to bottom.

* The classic jeans: This practically style suits any guy but works best for guys with lean guys.

Too flared or 1970s jeans are far from trending so forget those. Look for slim fits, not too skinny or too straight'A's as th'y'll look like dad jeans which again d'n't suit everyone.

Pair them with trucker jackets or even bombers.

* Distressed jeans: Guys should always go subtle with this style. One must opt for cropped ankles which make the whole look slightly more simple without having too much fabric bulging at the bottom.

Team this up with anything classic on top, especially a classic white tee or shirt.



Source: IANS