PIL filed over Brahumdagh Bugti’s asylum request to India

Allahabad [India], Sept. 26 : A PIL was filed on Monday over Baloch Republican Party (BRP) founder Brahumdagh Bugti's asylum request to India and the matter will be heard at the Allahabad court today.

The PIL was filed to the Lucknow bench of Allahabad Court. This development comes after Bugti last week announced that he would appeal for a political asylum in India.

Bugti said that the decision was taken in his party's central committee meeting. "The meeting of our central committee ended today. And in the meeting the members of the central committee have decided with majority that I will appeal for a political asylum in India," Bugti told ANI.

Bugti said that the he would seek an appointment with the Indian embassy in Geneva. "This decision has been taken and we will start working on it right away. Within two to three days, we will seek an appointment before the Indian embassy and we will present our case based on that," he added.

Bugti had earlier clarified that he has not made a formal request to India for asylum, but added that he would certainly consider it if given an opportunity in the future.

"Our people in Balochistan and Afghanistan are in a very difficult situation. Very few of them are able to come to Europe, rest are living there only. So, we want that the Indian Government should open there doors for them and provide them access, including myself.

Right now, I'm here (Switzerland), but I face problem regarding my travel. So, if I get an option to be in India, I will definitely go there," Bugti told ANI. When asked as to why he is seeking asylum in India, Bugti said, "India is our neighboring country. In Europe, even if a government or the immigration department knows the problem, the people don't. But in India, the people know about our problems, we will have their support. We share the same culture. We will be closer to our people and our people can easily seek asylum there, and it is easier for them to reach there with their families.".

Source: ANI