‘Pink’ maker Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury explores new ‘Rules Of The Game’ in relationships

Mumbai, Oct 10 : National Award-winning filmmaker says he is always interested in exploring the possibilities and equations of human relationships, and convey them in his films with social message.

Roy Chowdhury, who became a familiar name among Bollywood buffs directing "Pink" in 2016, has once again tapped into the intricacies of human relationship in his latest digital film, "Rules Of The Games".

"I think since childhood, quite unknowingly, I have been interested in humane relationships.

I studied in a co-education school and I had a natural habit of mingling with people, and gender does not come in between, the equation does.

It might sound a little weird but I am always excited to explore the equation between two people, whether it is man-woman or friendship between two men.

You never share the same equation with two different friends. I am interested in exploring such untapped equations," he told IANS.

Even the hardhitting "Pink" seems to have been born out of his keen eye for relationships.

"In 'Pink', I tried to emphasise, 'No means no'. Just because a boy and a girl meet and share drinks, that does not mean it has to be 'something else'," he explained.

He talks of his earlier films, too.

"'Anuranan', 'Antaheen', and 'Aparajita Tumi' also had humane stories with a dash of social message. I, being an observant individual by nature, find such elements from our daily life," said the filmmaker who has bagged three National Award till date, for "Antaheen", "Anuranan" and "Pink".

Roy Chowdhury's new film "Rules Of The Game" features Aahana Kumra and Chandan Roy Sanyal, and streams on Zee5.



Source: IANS