Playing field has become wider: Dia on Miss India having zones

New Delhi, Feb 25 : Former Miss Asia Pacific Dia Mirza's life has come full circle as she is back to the Miss India pageant, this time as a mentor.

She says back in 2000, there were no local contests and that the different zones have made the "playing field" much wider.

While Dia has taken charge of the North and South Zones as a mentor, the East and West Zones are handled by Neha Dhupia.

"When I was selected to participate in Miss India, it was just a random selection.

There was no local contest. What this (zones) gives is a fair opportunity to many more aspirants to participate and learn," Dia told IANS in a telephonic interview from Bengaluru where she is helping young women reach closer to their dream of becoming the next Miss India.

"Even at a sub-contest level, I feel that they have the opportunity to groom themselves and have time with the experts.

Even if they don't make it to the finals, I feel a lot of girls across the country... in all the zones will take away a lot from this experience. I think that's what is exciting and the fact that it has become such an in-depth and exhaustive experience, makes it a fairer playing field for all the participants."

Is the competition tougher now?

"I won't say that but I would say that the playing field has become much wider," she said.

Being there and meeting young aspirants made her take a trip down memory lane.

"It feels like life has come a full circle.

It's bringing back a flood of memories," she said.

Recalling the time when she competed, she said: "I remember when the training programme was happening, I was 17.

I turned 18 just before the main contest. The training programme was an affirmation of sorts of so many things...that gave me so much confidence.

More than that, it gave me so much perspective."

She hopes to be able to give these young individuals a perspective.

The winner of fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019 will represent India at the Miss World pageant.

The others too stand a chance to represent the country at international pageants like Miss Grand International and Miss United Continents.



Source: IANS