PM Modi has lowered dignity of his office, alleges Congress

New Delhi, Aug. 19 : The Congress on Friday condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's assertion that the BJP has faced more adversities in independent India as compared to what the grand old party would have during the British rule and said that such false statements lower the dignity of his office.

Congress leader Anand Sharma said it does not behoove the Prime Minister of India to lower the dignity of his office by making a statement, which is factually incorrect and insult the freedom fighter and the leaders of India's national struggle.

"The Prime Minister should not only regret for this, but should apologies. So, that the trauma caused to the dignity of his office gets repairs," he added. He suggested that the Prime Minister should in future avoid referring to the freedom movement and freedom struggle.

Prime Minister Modi, who yesterday laid the foundation stone of new BJP's new headquarters here, emphasized that the BJP has made more sacrifices than any other party.

"The BJP is the only party, which has faced adversities since its birth. It faced difficulties at every turn and its every effort was seen in bad light," said Prime Minister Modi.

"Even during the British time, the Congress party would not have faced so much adversity that we, our dedicated workers have gone through in 50-60 years," he added.

The Prime Minister further said the BJP's efforts and works were viewed with suspicion at every stage.

"The BJP is the only party which faced hardship at every moment, whose effort was viewed and analyzed with suspicion.

I reckon that the Congress Party during the British rule would not have gone through such hardships as our ambitious workers did," he said.

Source: ANI