PM Modi is threatening the country: Congress

New Delhi [India], Jan. 2: The Congress Party on Monday launched a scathing attack on Narendra Modi over the demonetisation drive, saying that the Prime Minister threatens the nation and does not have the courage to face himself.

"Have you ever seen such an aggressive prime minister who threatens the country? The language used by the Prime Minister that money deposited in the accounts of poor should not be given to rich.

Does he believe that every rich person is poor that his account is on rent," Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said.

Tewari alleged that the Prime Minister forgot one thing to say that there are few parties who are trying to divide the country on the basis of religion, caste and now on the basis of rich- poor.

"He has been talking weird things over the last 50 days. He can see the fault in others but does not have the courage to face him in the mirror," he added. Prime Minister Modi today addressed a rally in Lucknow. He didn't announce any new scheme as he had been doing in the last few days following the end of the 50-day window for depositing banned currency notes on December 30.

As per estimates, around 10 lakh people from across the state braved the chill to attend the first political rally of 2017 in the state that is bracing up for the Assembly election to start along with the onset of summer in April.

Because of the ongoing feud for power in Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav's family, the political atmosphere in Lucknow was already heated for the last few days.

Modi set the decibels soaring further with a no-holds-barred attack on BJP's competitors - SP, BSP and Congress.

Source: ANI