PM Modi seeks suggestions for his Independence Day address

New Delhi, July 31 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday sought suggestions for his Independence Day address this year.

Addressing the nation in the 22nd edition of his 'Mann Ki Baat' programme, Prime Minister Modi said, "I will address the nation on 15th August.

I seek your ideas for my address. Please share them on the Mobile App or MyGov." He said he is the first Prime Minister to be born in independent India.

'Quit India Movement' started on August 8. India is completing 70 years and on August 15, it will be the 70th Independence Day. We are taking pleasure of freedom and also feeling proud of being independent. But at this the time, we should remember those who gave us freedom," he added. Asserting that the Independence Day can give inspiration, Prime Minister Modi urged all to do something for the nation.

"We should smell the fragrance of freedom. Independence Day should not be a government programme, but a programme for the people. It should be a festival like Diwali. I express hope that even you will do something patriotic. Please send its photo on the 'Narendra Modi App'. Let's make an atmosphere of nationalism," he added. Addressing the nation on 69th Independence Day last year, the Prime Minister said the vastness and the diversity of India is always talked about, but India has many other great characteristics as well.

"There is a lot of diversity in India. India is a large country. And there is simplicity among the people of India. There is unity running through all the parts of the country and that is what is our strength; the strength of our nation.

Strength of our country has been sustained over centuries together," he added. Asserting that every era has seen the attempts to boost the unity further, Prime Minister Modi said it has been moulded according to the requirements of realising the dreams for the future.

"Our unity, simplicity, fraternity, harmony are our biggest strength. This strength should never be blemished, it should never be hit. If the unity of the country gets disturbed, the dreams also get shattered. Therefore, whether it is the poison of casteism, communal fanaticism, we don't have to allow it in any form whatsoever, not allow it to take root," he added.

He pointed out that this country is moving ahead because of the "Team India" and it is a big team of the one twenty five crore countrymen.

"The world might never have thought about the team of one twenty five crore citizens working as a team together as to how they take the nation to new heights, build the nation and also protect it! So, whatever we are doing and wherever we are trying to reach, it is all because of the "Team India" and we are grateful to this "Team India"," he added.

Asserting that people's participation is the biggest strength of democracy, Prime Minister Modi said if we run the country through the participation of One Hundred and twenty five crore Indians, the country would be moving ahead one hundred and twenty five crore steps every moment.

"That is why we have encouraged this people's participation as "Team India"," he added..

Source: ANI