PM Modi should talk about his mental strength, says Congress

New Delhi [India], Dec. 09: The Congress Party on Friday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come to parliament and talk about his mental strength rather than physical strength.

Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Raj Babbar told ANI, "The Finance Minister was speaking yesterday, he said that the shoulders of the Prime Minister are strong, earlier his chest was stronger, and now, his shoulders are.

We don't want him to do wrestling. His physical strength is being talked about, we want him to come to parliament and talk about his mental strength." Babbar further said that Prime Minister Modi said three things about demonetisation i.e.

that it has to put an end to black money, terrorism and fake currency. "But now, official black money is coming which the government is taking with a partnership of 50 percent.

Otherwise, black money did not come back from demonetisation. Terrorists are still bringing in the notes, fake currency is still being printed," he added. Another Congress leader, Rajiv Shukla said, "We also want the proceedings in the house to take place. Listen to this little demand of the opposition." Meanwhile, the uproar in the parliament over demonetisation continues.

Source: ANI