PM Modi should’ve urged youth to not go abroad: SP dismisses ‘Bhavya and Divya Bharat’

New Delhi [India], Mar. 27 : The Samajwadi Party on Sunday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement that 125 crore Indians wanted to create a 'Bhavya and Divya Bharat' and asserted that instead of saying this, the former should have urged the youth to use their skills in India rather than going abroad.

"Instead of saying that if the Prime Minister had said that the Indians should use their skills here, rather than going abroad, it would have been much better.

I think every citizen living in this country loves it and have sacrificed a lot for its development," Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Aggarwal told ANI.

Aggarwal asked whether the people of the country were not contributing in make India great since past so many years, that now he has to speak about it.

"We can easily recall the situation of India at the time of Independence. India made such progress after Independence. The foreigners didn't help in that progress; it was the people of India who contributed for it," he said.

Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi in his 30th 'Mann ki Baat' said that 125 crore Indians want to create a 'Bhavya and Divya Bharat.' "New India manifests the strength and skills of 125 crore Indians, who will create a 'Bhavya and Divya India'," he said.

Sharing his vision of 'New India', he added that despite their differences, Indians were always seen helping the needy.

Source: ANI