PM Modi spells ‘smile more, score more’ mantra for students

New Delhi [India], Jan. 29: Giving a message of encouragement to the students who are set to appear in the upcoming board examinations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday gave them a 'smile more, score more' mantra to elevate their stress.

Addressing the nation in the 28th edition of his 'Mann ki Baat' programme, Prime Minister Modi said how examinations must be taken as "a pleasure" and not "a pressure".

"I will tell all students smile more and score more. Why should exam time be a time of stress or sadness? Want to talk about exams and what so many people have written to me.

Do not think about exams as pressure; they should be celebrated as festivals," he said. The Prime Minister advised the students that during examinations there should be an environment of festivity as it will turn 'P' for pressure into 'P' for pleasure, adding that when students are relaxed the recall value increases.

"Relaxation is the best tonic for memory. A happy mind is the secret of a good mark sheet," he added. Prime Minister Modi tried to encourage the students by saying that the examinations are test of this year's preparation and not of a lifetime.

"We sometimes do not see exams in the right perspective; Exams are not a benchmark of your success in life.

If your mission and ambition are in sync, marks will follow," he added. With concluding remarks, Prime Minister Modi urged the students to compete with themselves to see how they can improve their performance.

Source: ANI