PM Modi’s terrorism remark, a reminder about nature of challenge: Defence expert

New Delhi [India], Apr. 9 : As Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a veiled swipe at Pakistan, asserted that a 'thought process' in South Asia was inspiring and nurturing terrorism, defence expert Uday Bhaskar on Sunday said the statement is a timely reminder about the nature of this challenge.

Bhaskar said it is clear that Pakistan nurtures terrorist groups, adding that religious consensus over the same is the need of the hour.

"Prime Minister Modi's observation about terrorism during the visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina in Delhi is both, a significant statement and also a very timely reminder about the nature of the security challenge at the regional and global level.

It is tragic and relevant that Prime Minister Modi made this statement just in after the aftermath of tragedy in Stockholm," Bhaskar told ANI.

The defence expert further said Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to Delhi is a very important visit, perhaps the most critical visit for Prime Minister Modi in terms of regional cooperation.

The fact that Prime Minister went to the airport to receive the Bangladesh Prime Minister is indicative of the way in which this visit is being seen by the Modi Government.

"Prime Minister Modi is reminding the global community and religious leaders about the nature of this challenge.

It is interesting that he did not refer to Pakistan by name. It is clear about the way Pakistan is nurturing terrorist groups and the need for regional consensus, which had come up even last year when the Prime Minister was talking to the SAARC leaders in a different context.

So, I would characterise this as a very significant and timely political statement by the Prime Ministers of India and Bangladesh," he said.

Prime Minister Modi yesterday said that a 'thought process' in South Asia is inspiring and nurturing terrorism.

He further said that India has always wanted its neighbours to progress along with itself, but certain elements in the region are thriving on destroying instead of developing.

Speaking in the presence of his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister Modi expressed his desire to see other nations proceeding along India on the path of development.

"India's development alone is incomplete and we can't even imagine that we will go forth and succeed alone in this region.

We want peace, prosperity and progress for our neighbors as well. 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas' is not only limited to India but our neighbors development as well," he said at the 'Sommanona Ceremony' honoring the Indian Martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Further stating that India has always extended the hand of friendship to every nation, the Prime Minister opined that the ties of friendship between India and Bangladesh are testament to that fact.

In a veiled attack on Pakistan, he then proceeded to state that there is a 'thought process' in South Asia, which is inspiring and nurtutring terrorism, whose value system is based on violence instead of humanity.

"Their only objective is to spread terrorism, destroy instead of develop and betray instead of trust. This thought process remains a steady challenge to us..

Source: ANI