PM won’t do any ‘favour’ by participating in demonetisation debate: Congress

New Delhi [India], Nov. 29 : With the Centre agreeing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would speak on demonetisation in Parliament "if there is a proper debate", leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday said the former would not do any 'favour' as "it is his duty to answer to questions" of opposition parties.

Speaking to ANI Congress leader Kharge said, "Prime Minister Modi is not doing any favour to us by intervening in Parliament.

It is his duty. He should come and listen to our debate and answer to our questions." Earlier, Kharge had said that demonetisation had harmed the economic system, the farmers, the youth, labourers and women among others and they are in distress.

Seeking to break the deadlock, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had yesterday told the Lok Sabha that Prime Minister Modi would speak on demonetisation, but the opposition's demand for a debate with a provision for voting remained unimpressed, forcing another adjournment.

With opposition parties firm on their stand, Singh said nobody is questioning the government's intentions over demonetisation.

He said the government was willing to listen to the complaints and suggestions of different parties over the execution of the demonetisation move.

Source: ANI