Police advisory on safety tips gets in Twitterati cross-hairs

Hyderabad/New Delhi, Dec 2 : A 14-point "advisory" issued by Hyderabad Police for women before they ventured out of home drew angry responses from a section of Twitter users on Monday.

One safety tip asked women to share their last location with family members, telling family members and relatives where they were going and when they would return.

The women were also advised to wait for cabs or family members for picking them up in illuminated and crowded areas only.

A user posted a furious response: "Dear Hyderabad Police, what advisory have you issued to the male section of the society??"

Another response read: "Commandments for women????? What society, what country are we living in? Such a disgrace for India..globally! One big pointer for policemen and those with sick mentality... Get yourself treated!"

One user posted: "When Hyderabad Police is asking everything to be done by women, then in case of any mishappening they should also allow women to punish offenders."

A Twitter user said: "The advisory issued by Hyderabad Police is literally prisoned (read, imprisoned) women..not even a single advisory for the behaviour of morons who roam around women with malicious intentions."

A female Twitter user remarked that the advisory was a "joke".

"Instead, make a law that men will not be allowed out on the streets after 8pm. No need for police either! This will ensure the safety of women," she posted.



Source: IANS