‘Politically blind’ AAP is thirsty for power: Cong on sex CD row

New Delhi [India], Sept. 1 : Commenting on the contradictory statements made by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal and his party colleague Ashutosh over sacked leader Sandeep Kumar, the Congress on Saturday said the ruling party in Delhi is now falling in its own trap, adding such mistakes take place only when politically blind people fall for power.

"The thing is they took a step and now are trapped in it. Sandeep Kumar said that he is being targeted because he belongs from the Dalit community. After hearing the word Dalit, Kejriwal forgot morality and started indulging in politics... Such kinds of mistakes take place when the politically blind people fall for power like a thirsty man without contemplating much," said Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit.

Defending his sacked colleague, AAP's Ashutosh had earlier in a blog said, "Indian history is full of examples of our leaders and heroes who had lived with their desires beyond social boundaries." Ashutosh also went on to question the intentions of some television news channels that aired the footage of the alleged sex tape.

He also pondered why India, as a country, never questioned "its leaders about what they do or have done in their private moments".

The sacked AAP minister had earlier on Thursday rubbished the charges against him and played the Dalit card while claiming that the video was fabricated.

"I come from a poor family. The poor are always trapped. Every time we rise, there are conspiracies to crush us. I am being targeted because I have set up a statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar in my house. I am ready for every 'agni-pariksha'," said the 34-year-old MLA, who was elected from Sultanpur Majra.

To determine the authenticity of the CD, the Delhi Police's Crime Branch has initiated an investigation.

Source: ANI