‘Pranic healing’ to bring evolution in agriculture

Rajkot (Gujarat) [India], Dec.6 : Due to the outbreak of many diseases following the use of chemical fertilizers for growing crops, Rajkot has initiated a new process of pranic healing in the field of agriculture.

With the implementation of this healing, there is an improvement in the quality and amount of wheat, peanut and vegetables production.

Sonalben Shah, Principal of the Kadvi Bai Veerani School, told ANI about how it all started and what actually this process is.

"We have been visiting Pranayog Ashram in All India Pranic Healing Foundation Trust Headquarter, Odisha since last two years to learn pranic healing and Organic Yoga.

The cultivation there is not done by using any chemical or organic fertilizer, but by the way of pranic healing.

Our school, since then, has been teaching children to concentrate and improve their academic performance by means of pranic healing, meditation and chanting," she said.

"We are trying to analyse how spiritual energy affects children," she added. Shifting focus towards farming, the Principal told that they had performed the same process in a farm which actually led to astonishing result.

"Our children visit a farm every Sunday and meditate here for half an hour and do mantra chanting for an hour.

The owner of the farm told that the pests of the field have been eradicated. It is a matter of delight for us," she said. Shyam Sundar, a farmer told that the process has yielded better results and that the crops produced are of better quality.

"Gujarat is the first place where this process of healing has been used. It has been used on gram, wheat and corn and no pests have been found so far in these crops. The best part about this is that we have been able to avoid the use of fertilizers, which has helped in retaining the nutritional value of the crops," he said.

This being the first attempt in the farming industry, the use of it would be further encouraged. The vegetable produced by means of this process would be of the best quality, which will ensure better health and quality of life.

Source: ANI