Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘completely naked’ shoot angers Piers Morgan

London, March 3 : American model-actress Emily Ratajkowski's pregnancy photoshoot in the nude has angered show anchor Piers Morgan, who has gone ahead and spoken about the trend in general.

"She has gone completely naked.

It seems almost mandatory now for famous women, when they're pregnant, to go naked. Just to show what a naked pregnant woman looks like," Morgan complained on "Good Morning Britain".

He went on to rant: "We are kind of done, aren't we? Of the naked, pregnant, famous person doing it just for clicks? Demi Moore did it about 30 years ago and ever since, every week there's another famous woman going: 'Look at me! I'm naked and pregnant.

But please respect my privacy'."

Morgn did face some opposition from co-host Susanna Reid but that didn't stop him from fuming iver the issue.



Source: IANS