President Trump denies collusion with Russia

New York [U.S.], May 14 : United States President Donald Trump has denied allegations of any type of collusion between his campaign officials and Russian operatives.

In an interview to Fox News, President Donald said, "Everybody's convinced: They say there is no collusion.

We have nothing to do with Russia." Emphasizing that he wants to clear the air, Trump stated, "I want to get to the bottom if Russia or anybody is trying to tamper or play with our election." The President also dismissed reports that he demanded loyalty pledge from former FBI Director James Comey at a private dinner .Trump responded saying, "No, I didn't but I think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the U.S.

is important." As several candidates are being interviewed by the Department of Justice to nominate a replacement, Trump said," I want loyalty to the United States of America and want the person to do a great job." Terming Democrats as 'hypocrities', Trump said they were the ones who were upset with Comey's handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

Source: ANI