Priyanshu Painyuli learns to speak in Kutchi during ‘Rashmi Rocket’ shoot

Mumbai, Feb 1 : Actor Priyanshu Painyuli learnt the Kutchi language from the locals during the shoot of the upcoming film Rashmi Rocket in Rann of Kutch, and says it was fun to pick up something new.

"I have shot for 'Extraction' in Ahmedabad before but Kutchi is a whole new dialect that sounds like a new language altogether.

I was intrigued and then talking to friends from the local crew, I thought of it as a great chance to pick up something new," Priyanshu said.

"I am an army kid, so moving places, moving cities, learning new things has always been a way of life.

It's ingrained in me. I never leave an opportunity for a new learning. I am so glad I am here and I hope by the team we leave I have learned at least the basic pleasantry," he added.

Rashmi Rocket has Taapsee Pannu playing a runner from Rann of Kutch who fights for her identity and becomes an athlete.

Priyanshu plays Taapsee's husband in the sports drama directed by Akarsh Khurana.



Source: IANS