‘Project Ekagrith’ to voice for independence of the queer

BY-Somdatta Saha New Delhi, Aug. 15 : This Independence Day, 'Project Ekaagrith- The Beginning' brings forth the diversity in a unified home in the form of giving voice to the LGBTQ to embrace its true spirit.

The four-minute black-and-white film, supported by international gay rights activist Harrish Iyer, shows a group of LGBTQ friends reciting Lata Mangeshkar's famous Hindi patriotic song 'Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo.' Like its title, which means 'to be united,' the video seeks to bring people together for a common objective i.e.

to fight for what is right. "Our message to you is simple. Every great change begins at home. So, let us change ourselves a little bit at a time. Let us learn to accept the new, the different and the non-conforming. Let us extend our support to our LGBTQ friends and give them their basic rights to live as equals. Amidst the chaos, let us be the voice of reason for our nations. Let us make sure that the people united, shall never be defeated," says the video. According to Iyer, "Every individual is different and wish to have a life of their own. As long as I love the man in the mirror, I would be loved." 'Project Ekaagrith' is a collaborative presentation of 'Seven Frame Films and Production' and '2wenty7 Inc Presentation' - a project of the people, by the people and for the people.

Source: ANI