Promotions to give social, personal boost to Delhi Police personnel: Joint CP

New Delhi [India], Dec. 29 : Joint Commissioner of Police, Dependra Pathak, on Thursday said the decision to give promotions to more than 25,000 personnel will give personal and social boost to the men in uniform, adding it will help them become more efficient.

"It (promotion) will give social and personal boost to the police personnel. The personnel will be able to adapt to the modern policing governance system in a better way," Pathak told ANI.

"The system will be strengthened and better services will be provided to Delhi citizens," he added. Pathak pointed out that seeing the number of cases, the mandatory legal requirement of the personnel at each level was not appropriate.

"Feel of the field is that in every place, a strategic team should be there. It is the result of this strategic team that more than 25,000 police personnel will be getting promotions this year," he said.

The criteria of promotion would comprise past record and required experience. On the basis of that, if a constable has worked for 10 years, he will be promoted to head constable. While a head constable in service for 15 years will be promoted to the ASI rank..

Source: ANI