Punjabi tele-film ‘Amar Preet,’ on Indo-Pak relations, hits the screens

New Delhi [India], Mar. 23 : Dedicated to true love and the art of music and based on Indo-Pak friendship, the Punjabi tele-film 'Amar Preet,' was released on March 23.

Made under the banner of `Simrat Music` by Kuljit Canada, 'Amar Preet' is directed by Ravinder Ravi Samana.

Main characters of the film include some known names of the Hindi film industry- Rajender Jaspal, Iqbal Gajjan, Ramaa Komal, Ravinder Ravi , Miss Pawan Deep Johal, Bala Harvinder, Ragini Sharma Santosh, Makhan Mandor, Harjit Jassal and Baby Harnoor.

Appreciating the venture, Major Adarsh Pal Singh- the great-grand son of renowned Punjabi scholar Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, said that there is a dire need of such films on classical and meaningful subjects, which convey the messageof peace, friendship and brother-hood of Indo-Pak relations to our society.

Source: ANI