Quick fixes to look your best on V-Day

New Delhi, Feb 13 : Be a head-turner this Valentine's Day with quick fixes for your skin, face, hair, lips and legs.

Prabhu Mishra, CEO, StemGenn Therapeutics, says it will help to avoid using soap and instead concentrate on moisturising the skin well.

"The dry winter air is playing havoc with your skin.

Let a good moisturising cream be the first weapon in your beauty cabinet. Find one that's oil-based as oil creates a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture," Mishra said.

"Soaps strip away your skin's natural oil.

Use hydrating cleansing milk instead. Better still, use wheat bran with malai and honey to scrub clean your face. Wash gently and use a soft towel," he added.

According to Navdeep Kaur, Consultant - Dermatologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala, being hydrated brings a natural glow.

"Drinking water helps your skin look youthful.

Water is good for your overall health and this is reflected in your skin tone and texture as well. Your benefit from the fluids you drink is passed on to your skin making it soft," Kaur said.

Namrata Soni, celebrity make-up artist, also suggests the use of an exfoliator with natural and organic elements.

An exfoliator works well for getting a perfect pout.

"The skin on your lips needs to be taken care of and protected.

Exfoliation ensures removal of dead and dry skin, leaving behind smooth and soft skin.

"Use a damp wash cloth for extra exfoliation.

Before applying the lipstick, line the lips with a matching lip liner and with gentle strokes. Start from the middle and move towards the corners of the mouth. Ensure the lip liner colour matches the natural lip tone and fills the lips completely," Shetty said.

For those who wish to flaunt their legs in style in a little black dress or the sorts, Soni suggests: "If you're going to show off your legs in a classic deep slit red gown, you will need to make sure your legs are ready to be revealed.

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Source: IANS