Quick hacks to save money this festive season

New Delhi, Oct 1 : When festivity comes ringing in your life, you know there is a lot of exchange of greetings and gifts and a lot of money is spent in the process.

So why not spend money efficiently and effectively to save up every time you shop this year?

Arvind Prabhakar, CEO of GyFTR.com and Ashok Reddy, Founder and CEO of Grabon share some tips.

* Point redemption: Point redemption is an excellent method to lower your final billing amount when you shop online.

With multiple cards for online payment transactions, you might have accumulated points without even realizing it.

Keep an eye out for texts or e-mails that might look like spam but are point collection alerts. These previously racked up points can get you cash back or discounts. So, we suggest that you save your money and use your loyalty points as currency to buy your favourite products.

* Gift cards: Gift Cards have solved a major problem i.e. finding the perfect gift for your loved ones during the festival season. It provides the recipients the freedom to choose their own gift. Not only this, the gift cards also help you save money while you are shopping online.

* Smart planning: Shopping a little ahead of the festival season helps you save a lot of money.

Another aspect is that some of the online shopping websites have free shipping days. Also, you can look out for 'deals of the day' section where they sell products at unbelievable prices.

The best time to fish for these deals would be between 2:30am and 4pm. You can also plan on what to buy and from where by comparing the cost of the product on different websites.

* Go online: Over the years, online shopping has gained a lot of popularity and it deserves all of it.

Online shopping is a lot more affordable than offline shopping as there are constant offers, sales, and discounts to look forward to.

There are good chances that you are likely to get a product at a lesser cost online.

* Offers: Make sure you keep an eye on all the offers running on different online platforms. Online Platforms which accept gift vouchers always give you a better deal as you can always pay via vouchers and if you purchase the voucher at a discount, there is all the more reason to rejoice.



Source: IANS