R.K. Singh backs Salma Ansari, says triple talaq not part of Islam

New Delhi [India], Apr. 10 : Coming out in full support of Vice-President Mohammed Hamid Ansari's wife Salma Ansari's assertion on triple talaq, former Home Secretary and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP R.K.

Singh on Monday said the practice of divorce is not a part of the Islam religion. "I think she (Salma Ansari) is right. Triple talaq is not prevalent even in the neighbouring countries. Its only here that some people are opposing the abolition of pernicious practice of triple talaq. There is no ground for opposing it. Reform movements have happened in every sphere and this is an essential reform. All these are not part of religion. This is not what God said. It's how you treat your wife," Singh said. Earlier, talking to the media on the sidelines of a function in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh, Ansari said that uttering 'talaq' thrice does not amount to divorce and asked the Muslim women to read the Quran thoroughly instead of relying on clerics.

"If you've read the Quran then you can find the solution there itself. There is no such rule in Quran. They have just made it up. There is no such thing. You read the Quran in Arabic and don't read the translation. You accept whatever the Maulana (clerics) or the Mulla says. You must read the Quran, read Hadis. Just see what Rasool had said," she said. Asserting that women should not blindly follow anyone, she said that women must have the courage to read the Quran by themselves and introspect what's written in it and gain knowledge about it.

Source: ANI