Rahul compares Modi with Trump, says both failed to provide jobs

London, Aug 26 : Congress President Rahul Gandhi has compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US President Donald Trump, saying people voted for them as they were angry due to unemployment and had much expectations from them.

The Congress leader emaphasised that unemployed people in their respective countries had a lot of expectations from populist leaders like Trump and Modi, and voted them to power.

But, their hopes were later dashed as they were not provided jobs.

At an interaction here on Saturday with Indian Journalists' Association here, Gandhi said: "The people who support Trump, Modi and other leaders, or more populist leaders, are doing so because they are angry.

"And they are angry because they don't have a job.

Modi, instead of calming this anger and accepting that there is a job problem... he does something unpatriotic, he takes that anger and utilises it for himself and he damages our country," he added.

Gandhi said neither the Western World or India is able to solve its job crisis for the blue collar part of society.

"That is leading to anger and that is what Modi rides on.

The honourable thing to do is to go to his country and accept that there is a problem and said 'yes you are angry, I am your leader, I am going to bring you together and we are going to solve the problem'," he said.

"Modi is not going to give you a solution.

They (Trump and Modi) have created enormous amount of damage and a new breed of person has to repair this damage and solve their problem," he added.



Source: IANS