Rahul Gandhi’s stance on Sandeep Dikshit ‘too little, too late’: BJP

New Delhi [India], June 13 : Responding to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's take on Sandeep Dikshit's 'sadak ka gunda' remark, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday while terming it to be 'too little and too late', claimed that it was the former himself who started the criticism against the Indian Army with his 'khoon ki dalali' comment.

"Rahul Gandhi opposing Sandeep Dikshit is not enough; he must be expelled from the party. What he said is too little and too late," BJP leader Sambit Patra told ANI. While the BJP continued to stress on the necessity of Congress President Sonia Gandhi's apology, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge while defending the party vice president lashed out at the saffron party saying this is not a matter to be politicised.

"Many BJP leaders have said similar things. Has Narendra Modi apologised? We stand by Rahul Gandhi. He has rightly said no such comments can be made about the armed forces, who protect our country. This matter is not political," he said. Earlier on Monday, Rahul chastised the comment made by Sandeep Dikshit on Army Chief General Bipin Rawat and insisted that politicians should refrain from making such statements.

Gandhi further said that the Indian Army serves the nation and, therefore, no political statements should be made against them.

"I dub the statement as wrong. Politicians should not comment on the Army Chief. I want to make this clear today. The Indian army works for the nation, safeguards our nation and the person who leads the army, their chief, no politician should not comment about him," he added.

Gandhi's remarks came after Dikshit said that General Rawat was behaving like a 'sadak ka gunda', in response to the latter's remark that the army was "fully ready for a two and a half front war".

However, Dikshit has tendered an apology for the statement, saying he shouldn't have used "uncivilised" words to convey his message.

"It was a statement given to you only and it was in the context of the constant statements that the Army Chief has made with regard to the army's preparation and Pakistan.

I thought Indian Army chiefs normally don't make these statements and they have a different manner in which they approach," Dikshit told.

Source: ANI