Railway cop turns teacher for rag-picking children in Gaya

Gaya (Bihar) [India], Nov. 15 : Platform number 1 at Gaya railway station is bearing a different picture these days, as a policeman, Praveen Kumar, with the Railway Police, who used to chase rag-picking children once, has turned teacher and is now teaching 'k', 'kh', 'g' and 'A' 'B' 'C' to them.

The drive is a brainchild of the Gaya Railway Police officers, who engaged these rag-picking children living in slums along the railway tracks in education.

Encouraged by the number of rag-picking children coming for study and their dedication, a policeman has been deputed by the officers to teach them regularly.

Praveen told ANI, "I have been directed to teach these children. DSP and the inspector also do the same for these kids." Suman, a rag-picking child who now attends the classes, said, "We are rag pickers, but now we are studying here.

I wish to get into the police service some day.".

Source: ANI