Raj CM gets heart treatment as ‘common man’ in Jaipur hospital

Jaipur, Aug 28 : Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, known for his simplicity, got his angioplasty done on Friday after registering himself with the new-launched state health services scheme as a common citizen.

Suffering from chest pain since Thursday night, Gehlot underwent coronary angiography, angioplasty, and stenting at the Sawai Mansingh Hospital here.

Giving information about the Chief Minister's health, SMS Medical College Principal Dr Sudhir Bhandari said Gehlot had mild discomfort in chest along with cervical spondylosis and radiculopathy.

"He was having atypical symptoms of heaviness on right side of chest, back and right arm. His ECGs were normal."

With his atypical symptom, Bhandari advised him to do cardiac work out.

"As a disciplined patient, Gehlot agreed for all the investigations with a request that 'I would like to get everything done in SMS', because of his utmost faith in SMS doctors and infrastructure," said Bhandari.

He was registered as a common man, in newly-launched Rajathan Government Health Scheme Scheme and was subjected for CT Coronary Angiography and was found to have 90 per cent blockage in one of the main arteries.

"This finding was matching with his non-specific symptoms and he was advised cardiac intervention.

Hon'ble CM immediately consented to go ahead and he was shifted to cardiac cath lab where he was subjected to coronary angiography, angioplasty and stenting.

"The procedure was uneventful and post procedure he is recovering well.

He is asymptomatic and cheerful," Bhandari said, adding that Gehlot has been suffering from Post-Covid syndrome and this cardiac complication seems to be a part of post-Covid complication.

"Otherwise his cardiac status was absolutely healthy before the pandemic with CT coronary angiography normal."

The CM expressed his gratitude for all the wishes which was receiving for speedy recovery.



Source: IANS