Rajya Sabha marshals drop hats after furore over new dress

New Delhi, Nov 21 : Days after the furore over the new dress of Rajya Sabha marshals that resembled those worn by defence personnel, the marshals on Thursday were seen without their decorated peaked caps.

Standing alongside House Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, the marshals, however, wore their newly-designed suit.

With protests from some quarters over the military-like uniform for marshals, the Chairman had on Tuesday asked the House Secretariat to review the new dress code.

Besides some of the members in the House, a few retired army officers had also expressed reservation over the new uniform.

To surprise of many members, the marshals had debuted in the military-like dress on the first day of the 250th session of the Rajya Sabha.

"The secretariat of Rajya Sabha after considering the various suggestions has come out with a new dress code for marshals.

But we have received some observations from some political as well as some well-meaning people. So I have decided to ask the Secretariat to revisit the same," Naidu had said while ordering the review of dress code.

Till last day of the monsoon session, the marshals wore Indian attire which included a turban.

Sources said that Rajya Sabha secretariat decided to change the uniform of the marshal to coincide it with the landmark 250th session of the House.

The Secretariat has planned various events for celebrating the landmark session.

These include release of a publication, titled "Rajya Sabha: The Journey since 1952" and release of a silver coin of Rs 250.



Source: IANS