Rangoli making fever grips Rajkot ahead of Diwali

Rajkot (Gujarat)[India], Oct. 23 :The festival of lights, Diwali, is round the corner, and Rangoli making fever has gripped every Indian household.

Rangoli making starts five days prior to Diwali and lasts till two days after the festival. Rajkot accounts for highest production of colour for Rangoli. The Rangoli coloured powder of Rajkot is in great demand in states like Maharashtra and Gujarat. When Gujaratis go abroad they take the Rajkot made colour to celebrate Diwali. Approximately five lakh kilos gets sold every year and Gujarat alone places a demand for 50 lakhs kilos of colour.

There are 32 variety of colours available in the market. "Colour doesn't fade quickly and it can be used for next year's Diwali as well," Suresh, a vendor, said.

"These colours are in demand in London, the United States and Dubai also. Wherever Gujaratis are present, they all take Rajkot colours," said Bharat, rangoli colour maker. The new variant is eco friendly and has radium colour. In Rajkot, those chemicals are not made which cause skin allergy and are sticky..

Source: ANI