Rare white gazelle found injured in Rajasthan

Barmer (Rajasthan), Aug.3 : A rare endangered white gazelle, which was found wandering after injuring itself late last month, has been undergoing treatment in Barmer district of Rajasthan.

The animal was spotted on July 29 following which the forest officials rescued the gazelle and brought it to Jodhpur forest centre for treatment.

They suspect that it sustained injuries from barbed wires located in the border areas. Forest officials said they have spotted a white gazelle for the first time. "These have been reported to exist in the border areas, but have never been rescued so far. People have seen it before in the Churu district. Whenever we go for monitoring or rescue purposes, we have heard that people claim to have seen a white coloured Indian gazelle.

We have seen it for the first time this closely and it is undergoing treatment," said a veterinary doctor at Jodhpur forest centre, Shravan Singh Rathor, on Tuesday.

Indian gazelles are among the most endangered species and are usually found in dry and arid areas in Rajasthan.

The antelope is also found in neighbouring Pakistan where rampant hunting has decreased its population drastically.

However, India is relatively a safer haven for these antelopes where the count is roughly more than one million.

There are around 80 protected areas across the country for the gazelles from illegal poaching, hunting and human settlements.

Source: ANI