Ravindra Jain Group launches first ever kid’s web channel -Welcome to Fairyland

Mumbai, Aug.8 (ANI-Newsvoir): The Ravindra Jain Group has announced the launch of first ever Kids Web Channel, "Welcome to Fairyland".

The web channel was launched at a grand event at Ajivasan, Juhu in the presence of esteemed guest Pt. Suresh Wadkar and Deevya Jain amongst others. The event also marked the launch of first solo album of Jiya Wadkar, daughter of Pt. Suresh Wadkar. The album is called "Sapnon Ka Gaon". The interesting trivia is that it was legendary music director Ravindra Jain who launched Suresh Wadkar in Bollywood and now, it's his sonAyushman Jain who is launching Suresh Wadkar's daughter.

The event was an out and out fun gathering with kids for their special channel. "Welcome to Fairyland" is a a beautiful and interactive world where a child can let his/her imagination run free, was an idea that was birthed in the minds of the Late Shri.

Ravindra Jainand his wife Mrs. Deevya Jain. Dr. Ravindra Jain adored kids and how the mind of a child worked, he was fascinated by their imagination and wanted to make something or some outlet where these children would be allowed to think and play freely.

Even though he wasn't able to bring this thought into fruition when he was still with us, his wife Mrs.

Deevya Jain and his son Mr. Ayushman Jain are working towards making this dream a reality. Through 'Welcome to Fairyland', we are looking forward to bring forth various concepts and activities that a kid can take part in or can find entertainment through.

There are four sections in the channel: Music Masti: Through albums we will not only be a source of entertainment for kids but also be a source of learning.

Fairy Tales: We are also releasing a book which is written and made in a manner such that a child will be able to learn and be able to create an imaginary world filled with magical and fantastical characters.

Kitty and Naughty: We are also bringing forth two interesting and fun characters that will tickle the fancies of kids all over.

These characters will joke around, sing, dance and do lots of activities and the children watching can do it along with them and have fun alongside these wonderful characters.

Dreams Come True: This is a platform in which children can take part and get recognized for their talent, we want to help children reach their dreams through this medium.


Source: ANI