RAW Pressery launches another delicious flavor with cold pressed ‘Valencia Orange’

New Delhi [India], Nov 25 : RAW Pressery, India's first and largest clean label F (and) B company is fast changing conversations as to how the Indian consumer has come to accept as fresh juice.

Replacing packaged, pasteurized and preserved with natural, fresh and sugar-free RAW Pressery has made it place to breakfast tables across homes, hotels, airports and hospitals alike.

Adding to its enviable arsenal of fresh, cold-pressed juices, RAW's Valencia Orange is yet another delicious flavor that contains no preservatives, added sugar, colors or chemicals and not even added water.

Available in 250 ml and one liter bottles, the brightly colored blend offers customers a true 'slice of life'.

Essential nutrients like saccharine are abundantly present in the juice and complement easily with many morning meal choices.

Like all elixirs, it must be consumed in moderation. A glass for breakfast has its fortified benefits. "It boosts immunity, lowers stress hormone production, reduces inflammation and improves collagen production.

All that from one single fruit. Who said you can't compare apples to oranges," said Kajal Bhatia, consulting nutritionist at Raw Pressery.

Oranges are popular amongst people of all ages, with the mere sight of their refreshing and juicy slices instantly making one feel cheerful.

RAW Pressery's juice blend has an unadulterated flavor that makes sure nothing comes between you and the juicy splendor of oranges- not even the effort of dealing with the stubborn peal and persistent seeds.

All you have to do is twist open the bottle cap and gulp away to glory. "Valencia Orange is a proud addition to our portfolio. The Indian consumer has not just accepted the flavor but has also driven the demand for our one liter multi-serve pack.

This rests firmly in our belief that healthy can be tasty and can also pave way for a fresh orange juice that's available throughout the year," said Director Sales RAW Pressery, Sreejit Nair.

Source: ANI