Real development is empowerment of youth: K. Kavitha

Hyderabad [India] Sept. 2 : Assuring employment opportunities to the younger generation, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MP K.

Kavitha on Friday said real development is the empowerment of the youth. "If our Telangana youth do not participate in the state building process or the reconstruction of the Telangana state, we cannot expect the state to develop.

Development of state is not only roads and projects, but real development is the empowerment of people.

I believe real development is the empowerment of youth," Kavitha said at the Telangana Jagruthi skill development inauguration function here.

The Nizamabad MP said Telangana Jagruthi is a not for profit, adding the organisation has been working for the people of Telangana for the past ten years.

"With a volunteer base of over one lakh, the Telangana Jagruthi works in many sectors starting from health, youth, women, students, literature, history, culture, physically disabled and many more.

In each segment, we work to empower the people of Telangana. We work on capacity building initiatives, which will contribute not only to their personal growth but also to the growth of state and country," she added.

Asserting that India today is called the youngest nation of the world with 41 percent of its population below the 25 years of age, Kavitha said this is the nation's greatest strength.

"But there is a great challenge as well. Almost five percent of the youth are unemployed and 22 percent of the youth have not passed their intermediate in this country.

When we look at the statistics of the Telangana state, about 10.4 percent of post-graduate students of Telangana are unemployed," she said.

"7.3 percent of graduate students of Telangana are unemployed. Six percent of diploma holders are unemployed and 59 percent of the students, who passed their Higher Secondary, are not even a part of the present work force in Telangana," she added.

Kavitha stated that what is taught in schools and colleges is certainly not very useful in the work place, adding there is a huge gap there.

"Telangana Jagruthi has taken up (the initiative) of filling this gap and acting like a bridge between the untrained workforce..We have built 17 centres across Telangana. We proudly announce that all these centres have been certified by the Government of India," she added.

Lauding the help of the Skill Development Ministry, Kavitha said they have identified 18 such sectors in which they can provide training to the youth of Telangana with a minimum education of tenth class and in some courses even below tenth class.

"For engineering and pharma students, we have made many industry tie-ups with the reputed corporate houses to provide the customized training required in their respective fields.

I, therefore, humbly request the youth of Telangana to join hands with Jagruthi, get skilled and get empowered," she added.

Source: ANI