Recommendation service enables parents to find tutors in jus single click

Bangalore [India], Oct. 14 : Vidyanext, the education company to transform the private tuition market, has recently launched a new recommendation service to help parents find the right tutor for their child.

After seven months of connecting students with Vidyanext-powered tuition teachers, Vidyanext has found that 90 percent of customers need only two appointments with tuition teachers to find one that works for them.

99 percent of customers meet less than five tutors before making a selection. The recommendation service uses a proprietary algorithm to identify the top four tutors most likely to be able to help the student.

With over 1000 tutors now listed in Bangalore alone, Vidyanext believes this new service will simplifiy the problem for parents that have been struggling to decide which of the many private tuition teachers to choose from.

The student-tutor matching service requires users to share some basic information, type of tuition, willingness to travel for tuition, and their location and then uses the 50+ unique data-points Vidyanext tracks, as tuition teachers also use the Vidyanext Learning System to determine the best match.

Pradeep Singh, CEO Vidyanext said, "Today, with our student-tutor matching service, we are simplifying the process of tuition-searching.

Leveraging this same tech for students, we've developed a process called Smart Revisions, which uses the data we have about them, like submission history, to curate the massive amount of content a student needs to learn and tell each student where to focus every day." Adding, "Our efforts will continue to transform the conventional rote learning method in India to a process which nurtures inquisitiveness, and empowers parents, students and tuition teachers with digital tools to facilitate their role in the learning cycle." Kahran Singh, the head of product and marketing, Vidyanext said: "Since we launched the Vidyanext Learning System earlier this year, we've seen 75% of students supplement their revision with our VNotes, bite-sized summaries of every Maths and Science topic.

50 percent of students have completely adopted our Smart Revision system, an approach based on the Supermemo Spaced Repetition Memory Science algorithm, which is designed to eliminate mugging up and reduce exam stress." With an average buying window of 7.8 days, time is a luxury that is not available in tuitions sector.

Students need to learn ever increasing amounts of content, and the exams don't wait for parents to find the perfect tuition tutors for their kids.

Parents need the most suitable options of tuition teachers in their vicinity, within a short time-frame, and make a quick decision.

For that reason, parents typically look to set up trial classes with tuition teachers within 24 hours of their initial search.

With over 1000 tutors and 8000 unique appointments so far this year, Vidyanext has generated a healthy interest amongst its target audience.

Source: ANI