Red Light Passengers band on the path towards refinement of pop music

New Delhi [India] Sept. 11, : As Shakespeare rightly said, 'When words fail, Music speaks'; music has conquered mankind with its soulful, melodious and ethereal tunes and rhythms.

It has neither language nor boundaries, and cutting across the immeasurable barriers, music binds everyone together across the globe and transcending the boundaries of hearts and minds.

And Northeast India is no less to any when it comes to music and songs, as the people from the region follows religiously and diligently to sound, rhythm and vocals collectively from across the globe.

Setting par excellence in their rightful manner and inspired and touched by the essence of music, Red Light Passengers, an emerging musical band from India's Northeastern region is set to promote the humane quality of life through their own compositions.

The band aims to promote unity, peace and love and spread the message of positivity of life's existence with their original songs.

Formed in 2012 with five music members namely, Thotmung Muivah, the lead vocalist, Ram Gongmei on bass, Vikepe Yhokha on drums, Temsu Longkumer and Poujen Panmei, the Guitarists, the band has released its first music single 'Fall Away' on Youtube, and has received appreciation and acknowledgement from the music fraternity.

"It has been my deepest desire to form a band and the reason for forming a band is, to bring out and spread the message of love through music.

So, that is the main reason why this band was formed and I was looking for like-minded people, people who share the same kind of vision.

And that is how we came together," said Thotmung Muivah, Vocalist, Red Light Passengers. Apart from YouTube, their songs are also available on SoundCloud, Indihut and Reverberation. The band is working on creating more tracks which will largely revolve around their life and experiences.

They also cover songs of the bands and artistes they follow. Thotmung added, "We do gospels and secular songs, but we are also very watchful of the lyrics that we sing.

So even when we do secular, we sing the songs that makes sense, not just any type of songs but songs that has good lyrics.

And, all the songs we wrote are all about life, experiences and all." Since their inception, the band has been playing at various events and gigs including Hornbill International Rock Contest 2013, Tamchon Football Tournament, Tibetan Freedom Concert, NorthEast India Choral Competition, Naga Students' Union Delhi gatherings, Nagas Night 2017 and AugFest 2017.

The band which comprises of musicians from Naga community, is striving to hold on to the originality of rock and pop music although the band is also influenced from other music genres as well.

"I grew up with my cousins and I saw them playing guitars and all, that is one of my initial influences.

And as I grew up, I started listening to more music and eventually my music world got expanded. I listen to a lot of metal rock music, punk and others and alternative rock is one of my favorite music genres," said Ram Gongmei, Bassist, Red Light Passengers.

Moreover, Red Light Passengers band is mostly into gospel songs but also focuses on secular music by giving meaningful lyrical touch to their compositions.

The band is now aiming to make it big in the music industry by creating world-class music and renditions.

"When you listen to music and play music, you get passionate and feel peaceful. And that is what I feel. I listen to all kinds of music, but I have some major likes on some particular genres like Jass, Punk, Folk alternative and I even like heavy metals," said the beaming Vikipe Yhokha, drummer, Red Light Passengers With their humble start to take music to newer heights, Red Light Passengers are evolving with each passing day with an aim to become legendary musicians.

By Vangamla Salle K S.

Source: ANI