Restrictions on immigration ‘bruising brand America’: Uber CEO

New Delhi, Feb 23 : Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, an Iranian-American entrepreneur, on Friday said restrictions on immigration were "bruising brand America".

Speaking at an event of a confluence of world and industry leaders, policy makers, academicians and corporate heads, Khosrowshahi, 49, recalled that he could migrate to the US and chase his American dream without hindrance.

His family is said to have migrated to the US from Iran in 1978, when the Islamic republic was battling a revolution.

"I was extremely lucky to immigrate to the US when it was welcoming.

And there are still groups of people who want to come ouf their houses and come and chase the great American dream.

It is the single most incredible brand in the world. The American brand is that if you work hard, if you abide by the law, get good education then you can also succeed like anybody else," he said.

"But the attitude like immigration is bad and restrictions on immigration is bruising brand America."

Khosrowshahi said Uber would like to be in India not just for market but also for the tech talent and that would take his business to next level.



Source: IANS