Rio: Olympic Park throws doors wide opens for international fans

By Vivek Prabhakar Singh Rio de Janerio (Brazil), Aug.9 : Although one can see home fans in majority in Rio de Janeiro, there is no denying that the international flavour in the Barra Olympic Park has been provided by visitors from all parts of the world.

While many of the visitors are focused on simply enjoying the atmosphere, the others have come to join in the spirit of the ongoing prestigious Summer Games.

Expressing his views on the upcoming events, American visitor Brent Youngquest insisted that his country always send a good flock of players in Olympics while adding that he is hopeful of seeing good performances from them.

"I had a very good time so far. It has been very nice here. We had a lot of fun. Had some good food and some good time. There have been good gents in Tennis. Not have paid much attention to tennis in particular. But we always have good players. We have very good gents in track and field again. Usain Bolt can be tough, but I think we can beat him," said Youngquest. Meanwhile, Corlo Heris, the other American visitor, said that Williams sisters could turn out to be really well in the Rio games.

"Venus Williams can turn out to be good and Serena Williams also," said Heris. Earlier, the world number one stormed into the second round of the women's singles event with a 6-4, 6-2 win over Australia's Gavrilova Daria.

Scottish immigrant Johnny, who was quite impressed from overall preparation of the games, admitted that he had travelled all the way from Scotland just to see the Olympic Games while adding that he is supporting world number two Andy Murray.

"Olympics brought me here in Rio de Janeiro. I am from Scotland. Andy Murray of course is a great player. He is a fine player for UK. He is a real icon. The game has been organised fantastically and I would love to comeback to Brazil," the Scottish fan said.

Around 11,000 athletes from 207 countries are competing across 41 disciplines in 28 sports for a grand total of 306 medals in the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Source: ANI