RMZ Corp launches mobile app to integrate corporate community ‘MyWired App’

New Delhi [India], Nov 14 (ANI- Business Wire India): South India's leading corporate developers, RMZ Corp, has launched 'MyWired', a unique mobile app geared towards community building and engagement amongst its corporate professionals.

In a significant technology boost to its vision of creating collaborative and productive communities among its business parks, RMZ Corp has rolled out the app for all the professionals employed within their world class commercial spaces around India to serve them better and connect with them emotionally by offering more value.

Launched at RMZ Wired a three day tech fest at RMZ EcoWorld facility in Bengaluru, the mobile app is packaged with features geared to invite further collaboration and engagement both within and across companies.

Users can order food online from signature food outlets at The Bay and save time by cutting the queue, book a swimming slot or access the gym at the health clubs (Activ) with a click of a button, get updates about RMZ Campus events, streamline visitor management and also share feedback for facility improvements.

There is also a Social feature which will establish itself as the RMZ social media network where users can share updates, photos and new developments with fellow campus colleagues discuss and share their passion.

"We are ecstatic about the launch of the MyWired App, and are extremely happy with the response from our tenant community.

Today, our world revolves around digitalization and technology. With this app, we not only want to extend this comfort and convenience to our Corporate Community across our business parks but also engage our park users to experience and exchange thoughts - strengthening the sense of community and bringing out the true spirit of collaboration," said Managing Director Management RMZ Corp, Thirumal Govindraj.

MyWired is available on both the Android and iOS app stores, has already seen more than 1000+ downloads on day of the launch during the RMZ Wired event powered by its co-working space partner, CoWrks, which saw a plethora of entrepreneurship, green Hackathon and social events organized under one roof.

RMZ Corp is aiming to spread the MyWired app across their esteemed Fortune 500 tenants and employees who work out of RMZ corporate campuses across India, making it one of the largest professional networks in India.

MyWired promises to be another glowing example of RMZ Corp's long term commitment to providing the most advanced and contemporary real estate offerings for corporate in India.

(ANI- Business Wire India).

Source: ANI