Robert Vadra takes on BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi over Shaktiman’s death

Dehradun [India], Aug. 28 : Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra had a verbal spat with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Ganesh Joshi at the Dehradun Aiport over the death of Police Horse Shaktiman, who died after suffering injuries at a rally where he was allegedly thrashed by Joshi himself.

Speaking to ANI here, Vadra said that when he gave a piece of his mind to Joshi over the death of the animal, he was verbally abused by the BJP MLA.

"Just took on Shaktiman killer BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi. I saw him with his entourage at the airport at Dehradun receiving some BJP MP and I told him what I thought of him.

He then came towards me screaming, shouting and threatening. But I told him that if the horse can't speak then I will," he said. Vadra further said that Joshi and his "goons" were later asked to leave the airport for creating a commotion.

On April 20th, after undergoing surgeries for over a month, Shaktiman whose hind-limb was injured during a BJP protest rally, succumbed to his injuries.

On March 14, during the protest march in Dehradun, Joshi had allegedly attacked Shaktiman, who was deployed with the mounted police.

As Shaktiman moved backwards to protect himself from the blows, one of his hind limbs got tangled in a railing, resulting in a serious injury.

The limb had to be amputated and the horse had to undergo a double surgery. Joshi was arrested on March 18 for allegedly attacking the horse and sent to 14 days' judicial custody.

Source: ANI