Roposo enables SMBs, sellers and brands to expand their reach exponentially

New Delhi [India], Jan 5 : India's favorite fashion social network Roposo is quickly becoming the hub for small sellers including home-sellers, offline boutiques, and many others selling niche fashion and lifestyle products.

It has unprecedented the reach and popularity, and has helped expand the orbit of engagement available to smaller brands and sellers exponentially.

Roposo users, who explore new fashion inspiration every day, love every bit of this giving the sellers a total reach/views of about 10 million and a total following of one million.

The segment forms the highest viewed content on the fashion social network. The fashion social network pulls out all stops to engage local and regional small sellers or fashionpreneurs whether they sell their own products or are aggregators of curated products, further enhancing affinity and the propensity to purchase.

Such sellers have a unique advantage on Roposo which is not available on any other platform. The organic reach for business pages is higher on Roposo as compared to any other social media, which means it is unlike sites such as Facebook or Instagram where small businesses have to spend extra from their pockets to attract a larger target audience.

To add to it, Roposo is the only platform in India where users come to search for fashion and lifestyle inspiration, making it the ideal place for such sellers to showcase their products, art, and creativity.

"Roposo is well on track to achieve its target of becoming the ultimate fashion destination and bolster its position in India's social commerce sphere.

MSMEs, sellers, and brands form one of the most viewed content on Roposo with highest ratios of engagement.

We are delighted that our success has had a concomitant impact on their fortunes and we will continue to help them push their enterprises further," said co-founder and CEO Roposo, Mayank Bhangadia.

Source: ANI