Rowling to the rescue as Trump ‘blocks’ Stephen King on Twitter

New York [US], June. 14 : Donald Trump added another noted name to his list of 'blocked' victims on Twitter, as celebrated author Stephen King found himself in a particularly sticky wicket...but not for long.

The horror-fiction genius has vociferously and consistently taken on Trump since well before the November election.

King announced on Tuesday that he had been blocked from viewing the U.S. President's tweets. Interestingly, the tipping point for Trump seems to have been a few jibes aimed at the President's Cabinet and his daughter Ivanka.

Immediately, prominent Trump critic and literary icon JK Rowling came to King's rescue and promised that she would keep him informed of the President's tweets.

King responded quickly showing his gratitude to Rowling. Being blocked by Trump caught King so off guard that he first questioned whether it was a hoax!.

Source: ANI