RSS, BJP attacking our workers out of desperation for power: CPI (M)

Kuthuparamba (Kerala) [India], Oct.10 : The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Monday condemned the 'brutal murder' of its branch secretary Kuzhichal Mohanan allegedly by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) workers in Kuthuparamba and accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the same.

A group of heavily armed RSS workers entered the toddy shop where 52-year-old Mohanan was working and hacked him to death.

There were around 30-40 sharp wounds inflicted on his body, the party claimed in its official statement.

The CPI (M) also claimed that the BJP, which failed to win the state assembly elections, is resorting to such violent attacks as an act of revenge.

"The Polit Bureau calls upon the law enforcement agencies to ensure that they speedily arrest the culprits responsible for this heinous crime and get them punished.

This heinous murder took place even as a motley group of BJP workers marched to the CPI(M) headquarters in Delhi, purportedly to protest the attacks on RSS workers in Kerala,' the statement read.

As many as six CPI(M) workers have been killed and around 300 of its members injured in brutal attacks launched by the RSS.

Thirty five offices of the Party have been attacked and destroyed and eighty houses of Party workers attacked and damaged, the party claimed.

"The RSS/BJP has always used the goebbelsian tactics of repeating a lie a hundred times and peddling it as the truth.

While it clear that is the RSS which is mounting large-scale attacks against the CPI(M) all over Kerala, it is fallaciously seeking to portray itself as the victim.

This bluff shall be called," the statement read. "The people of Kerala and the entire country are determined to defeat such diabolical politics of the BJP," it added.

Source: ANI