Russia gripped with ‘Trumpomania’ ahead of swearing-in

Washington [USA], Jan. 20 : Moscow is rolling out a welcome to President-elect Donald Trump in its own style ahead of his swearing-in ceremony, as Trump merchandise is flooding the Russian markets.

From Trump-centric newscasts to Trump dolls, masks and even sugar, Russia has been engulfed in what some are calling "Trumpomania" as inauguration day nears, reports the Washington Post.

Viktoria Chekryzhova, director for development of Tula Food Products, explaining her company's decision to produce a limited number of boxes of sugar cubes featuring Trump's likeness said, "With this product, we want to show that we hope that our relations with the United States will improve with the new president.

We're saying we hope our relations will become sweeter." A weapons factory in Zlatoust minted a commemorative coin with the inscription "In Trump We Trust," according to the TASS news agency.

In Moscow, a military surplus store across from the U.S. Embassy had an advertisement in its window offering a 10 percent discount on all its items - for embassy staff and American citizens.

Earlier, ahead of the U.S. presidential elections, famous Russian 'matryoshka' dolls with portraits of Trump gained huge popularity among collectors and tourists.

Wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another are a popular souvenir choice from Russia. Traditionally, the matryoshka dolls are painted as peasant girls in Russian national costumes. However, modern versions usually follow actors, musicians, cartoon characters and politicians. In Moscow's souvenir stores, one can easily find 'matryoshka' dolls with portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel or leaders of the past, including late Communist Party leaders.

Source: ANI