Russian fighter jet intercepts US bomber aircraft over Baltics

Moscow [Russia], June 06 : A Russian fighter jet, Sukhoi Su-27, intercepted an American B-52 bomber along the Russian border over the Baltic Sea.

Sputnik news quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying, that it scrambled a Su-27 air superiority fighter over the Baltics on Tuesday to intercept and escort a US B-52 strategic bomber that approached its borders.

"The crew of the Russian Su-27, in approaching the aerial object at a safe distance, identified it as a US B-52 strategic bomber and escorted it," the ministry said in a statement.

The statement added that the incident over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea took place at 07:00 GMT.

The Su-27, which serves as part of the Russian Navy's Baltic Fleet air defense patrol, returned to its airfield after carrying out the operation.

Source: ANI